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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Child's Play ideas

So here we are. I was doodling earlier and brainstormed an invisionment I had for a remake of the Child's Play film. Now picture this....It's night time. The streets are empty. A man runs down an alley. He is pursued by a detective. The man, Charles Ray Lee, runs into another alley. Down that alley is a door. He kicks it down and seeks refuge in the toy store. The detective soon follows, trapping lee in front of a display of Good Guy dolls. Although cornered, Lee refuses to give up. He is shot by the detective. He falls back into the display, making the boxes fall. Lee laughs, opens a box, a chants a voodoo spell. Before he dies, he sends his spirit into the doll that his hand lays upon. A burst of energy shoots out and sets the building on fire. "Chucky" escapes the scene for awhile, so he can return and find a new body.


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