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Wednesday, March 21, 2012


15" x 11"
Watercolors and White Acrylics

            Lately here in South Florida it's been a mixture of humid temperatures and rain storms that seem to happen sporadically and without notice. Not to mention, so many things have been happening. I guess this painting is a result of my exhaustion and trying to force myself to do things. School takes a lot out of me sometimes, but thankfully, I got a good night's rest last night and I'm refreshed. I never have any true meaning in my artwork- I just do what I think looks cool. Though, for some reason, by accident, emotion slips into it unintentionally and apparently people can sense that. They say, "I look at it, but I sense a deep emotion that I can't quite put my thumb on, which causes me to look at it even closer and longer." I don't know for sure- this is what people tell me. So, I take it at face value for what it is and not over think it. It's a compliment at it's most rudimentary form, so, I take it as a compliment. 
               I recently did a painting for my friend, but I don't want to put it up quite yet, because, if I did, she can obviously come on here and look at it and that would ruin the surprise! She's a fan of my ladies, which is cool because that means I'm doing something right. So, what other painting better to do than a nude painting. And, of course, call it "Birthday Suit"; it's only fair.
               Other than that, I've been busy with school and what not, so I've been jam-packed with work rather than working on personal projects. 

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